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How to Get Justin Timberlake Formal Hairstyle

How to Get Justin Timberlake Formal HairstyleHow to Get Justin Timberlake Formal Hairstyle - Who doesn't know Justin Timberlake? you do not know who he is, see my previous 2 posts (below posting). If you do not know about him, briefly, he was a famous actor and musician. if you like the music you must be familiar with his song 'Suit and Tie' and 'Mirror'.

This time we will discuss about the new formal hairstyle of Justin Timberlake. His current hairstyle is arguably very formal. You want to get a hair style like her? How can i get hair like Justin Timberlake? style here are the steps to get Justin Timberlake Formal Haircut from Professional hair stylist Jordan Blackmore.

Equipment required: 

- Twin Turbo Blow dryer: Like hair dryer that can control the heat so that the anti-overheating.

- Round Brush Denman:
Spherical comb type which gives wavy effect to the hair.

- Maximista Oribe Hair Thickening Spray: Hair spray that helps hair look more solid.

- Murray's Original Pomade: Hair gel Type-based hair coconut oil, lanolin, wax and perfume or fragrance, which makes hair look shiny, slick, neat, and luxuriant.


1. Get Dirty - Start with wet hair. (Not with shampooing, sometimes slightly dirty hair for styling easier.)

2. Max Out
- Drain your hair, then spray the maximista six times, and smooth it with a comb.

3. Blow On It -
For the side blow dry to the fore and the back blow dry to down . While the top, combs to top by using the comb (Round Brush Denman) and blow dry. 

4. Comb Over - Look On the left side,trim the right hair with a round comb and blow dry.

5. Shape Up - Wait until the hair is completely dry, then use Murray (
Murray's Original Pomade) to tamp hair and you can begin to shape it like a Justin hairstyle.

Not so hard, right? Come directly tested ...


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